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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works."  - Steve Jobs


Inspired by natural sciences, driven by curiosity and based on core values of logic paired with our passion for challenging the status quo, we develop smart and useful innovations, to touch people
We feel responsible for our environment, focus on the sustainable use of natural resources and transform them into functional tools.

We support our clients from the idea through design and engineering to market entry.
It has been always essential for us to identify the fundamental problems and challenges and find newly solutions
like unique couplings, ventiles, gadgetry, multifunctional adaptors, packaging, dispensers or drive forces and energies.

We are steadily thirsty, the brain-hearts behind our products, and always open for new challenges.


Since the company founding in 1998 by Daniel Andrei, we developed many products related to patents.
Some of them have been nominated or won national or international awards like:

- Nomination for the Tirolean Innovation Award
- Nomination for the German Packaging Award
- Austrian Environment Price
- ARA Price for Outstanding Packaging
- Winner of the ISPO Brand New Award 2019 in the Category "Fitness".

- Since April 2023, the company AnCo Design is no more active

Market success, viral videos about our products and cooperations with well known companies and world-famous institutions are the recognition for our achievements.

Confidentiality during and after the duration of our projects has always been and remains our top priority.

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